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About Us

College Bar Tee Club offers members an exclusive t-shirt featuring different college bars from across the United States. The club provides college bar devotees with stylish, high-quality t-shirts that are unique to subscribers. Members can choose from three-month, six-month, twelve-month and on going memberships. 

The goal of College Bar Tee Club is to include college bars that have a unique presence. From classic dive bars to well-known taverns, College Bar Tee Club is striving to spread awareness while giving customers a comfortable conversation piece to wear. All of the establishments are picked by club members or the passionate College Bar Tee Club employees.

Each member of the College Bar Tee Club will receive one t-shirt per month as well as a matching collector drink coaster. All of the company’s designs are original. These designs will be offered only one time, meaning you should act fast to buy these exclusive t-shirts before they’re gone.


Thanks and see you on the road