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More Common Bar Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

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Welcome back, fam! In our last edition of “College Bar Mistakes,” we discussed five mistakes that college students commonly make at local taverns. Luckily for you, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The edge of the canyon. The top of the volcano. You get the point… there are many more violations that college coeds make while mingling at their local dive bar.

Here we go:

Yelling “WOOOOO” - This is the perfect way to tell people two things: (1) I am having fun. (2) Don’t come near me. I’m a wild card who needs attention. While it may seem cool at the time, the allure wears off quickly. I will make it simple for you… Everybody gets one “Woo” per semester [and it’s 100% optional.] Just because Justin Bieber or Major Lazer comes on, doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’re on a roller coaster.

Fighting - Unless it is clearly a self-defense situation, there is no need to be involved in an altercation. Although the tough guy gets the girl in the movie, it’s not so glamorous in person. So, unless you are being followed by Quentin Tarantino and a film crew, keep calm and respect others.

Stuff Happens - You’re going to step on somebody’s shoes or spill a drink eventually. It’s inevitable. Be the bigger person and apologize before anything escalates.

collegebarfight.jpg(Image Source)

Sunglasses Indoors - Even Kanye and Bono can’t get away with this. And even if they did, would you want to be in the same category as them? Just kidding, those guys put out some good music, but under no circumstances do you need sun protection while you are indoors (unless you are tanning.) Wearing sunglasses indoors is the equivalent to wearing a shirt with Target’s logo to the archery range. #BeCareful - This violation can directly lead to mistake #2 (see above).

Ways to avoid confrontation and encourage positive interaction:

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