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4 Reasons Our Club Can Be the Life of Your Party

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No, our club is not a nightclub. It is the premier online subscription movement, the College Bar Tee Club. Our goal is to deliver exclusive t-shirts on a regular basis. Original designs. One-of-a-kind shirts that will act as icebreakers at events across the globe.

Here is a little more about us:


College Bar Tee Club designs, manufactures, and ships unique t-shirts that feature different college bars every month.


We feel that clothing speaks volume about an individual's personality. Looking good equals feeling good, and similar to our t-shirt designs, confidence leads to conversations with new friends.


The time is now. Show your friends that you are cultured and casual by signing up for memberships ranging from 3-12 months.

Here are four reasons why our t-shirt club can become the life of any party:

  1. Miles of Styles! - Our different shirt designs are like snowflakes; no two are identical (and they are super cool.) We love designing looks with all different colors, fonts, and graphics to provide the best icebreakers in town.
  2. It’s Easy! - The College Bar Tee Club makes shopping for high-quality attire convenient and effortless. No dressing room needed. No crowded malls. The sizing is consistent from month to month to ensure you will always have the right fit. When you tell your friends, family, and roommates that you didn’t need to leave the house to place an order, they likely won’t believe you!
  3. An Underdog Story! - Finally, hole in the wall bars will get the notoriety and respect that they deserve! Every university has those trademark pubs that students and locals frequent. Now, those dive bars can tell their story to a nationwide audience. These establishments have a backstory. A history. They change lives one cheap beverage at a time. The same way we hope to enhance social lives one epic shirt at a time!
  4. Great Gifts! - We know plenty of people who would love being surprised by a new monthly addition to their wardrobe. Gifting College Bar Tee Club subscriptions is a great way to stay on your significant other’s good side! Plus, more clothes means longer time between needed between laundry loads.

Be one of the first members to experience our three newest designs!

  • Barking Spider Tavern (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Old Stone Jug (Hamilton, New York)
  • Victory Bar (South Bend, Indiana)

To sign up today, visit or email us at today! Party on.