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5 Mistakes College Students Make At A Bar

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College Bar Tee Club is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle. Setting yourself apart from the crowd by equipping yourself with unique attire is key, but so it bar room etiquette.

When making first impressions, it is important that you carry yourself properly. Don’t get too intoxicated. Don’t say things you may later regret.

Simple things. Here are five (of the many) mistakes college students make while out at a bar:

Not Drinking Water - Yes, we get it. When you are 21 your body recovers as fast as Wolverine in an ice bath, but if you want to stay hydrated and avoid feeling sick the next day; be sure to mix in some water between every alcoholic drink.

Not Tipping - Sometimes college students undertip, which can lead to losing the bartenders attention over the span of a long night. We are not saying leave five bucks every time, but it’s always good to consistently leave a dollar with every drink (even a complimentary water). If you cannot afford to tip, commit to staying in with friends and playing games will help you pinch a penny.

Double Fisting - Bravo. You like to show your enthusiasm for partying. Do you really need two drinks at a time, though? It’s just inefficient. The logistics just don’t work. You will need one hand for many tasks… eating, handshakes, operating your phones, the bathroom, etc.

Buying Flowers - Many times you will see the locals circulating the bar selling an assortment of flowers. This creates an awkward dynamic between couples, friends, and new acquaintances. The gesture is endearing, but after you buy them, they end up becoming a hassle.

Hogging the Jukebox - This is a risky move. If your song is a hit with the crowd you become an instant hero, but if you go with “Who Let The Dogs Out” or “Mambo No. 5” you might be in for a dirty look or a scuffle. All we are saying is know your audience, don’t get cute, and don’t put $10 in the jukebox and hog it the entire night. Don’t be that guy/girl.

This list can go on forever. As a matter of fact, we are going to do five new ones next month so stay tuned… College Bar Tee Club - it’s not just a shirt, it’s a way of life!

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