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College Bar Tee Blog: Special Unboxing - Episode 2

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Welcome back for part two of our “Meet The Unboxer” series, where we have created fictitious characters from all walks of life opening our packages to get a diverse, “unbiased” perspective about our [incredible] college pub tees.

Last time, we introduced Luna and Cale, a set of twins who may be characterized as hipsters. This month, we will shift gears and showcase our latest unboxer, who is representing the dirty south. Enjoy...

Say hello to Thomas William Abernathy. Dubbed “Whiskey Willy” by friends n’ kin, this interesting fella has an insatiable appetite unsatisfiable by chitlins, grits, and deep fried apple-peach-pigskin cobbler. He has no shame in his game, and Whisky Willy just can’t get enough Country (music, that is).

collegebarteeWILLY.png(Image Source)

A Day In The Life of Whiskey Willy:

Sighing loudly, Whiskey Willy wipes his sweaty, dirt-infused brow. As chief farm hand for the Abernathy Confederation Ranch, the sweat don’t stop when a man’s shift ends. Willy takes a deep breath and begins his daily wind-down routine: a Country music marathon.

Flopping into his prized family heirloom, an old recliner passed down from Grandpappy Abernathy (RIP), Willy kicks’ up his sandy-yellow brown cowboy boots, which were handcrafted on a Navajo reservation somewhere in Texas.

Willy is a simple man who rarely travels far (all his exes live in Texas). What he reveres most is his iconic t-shirt collection featuring his favorite Country music artists. His John Deere lawnmower is a close second. Willy’s favorite musicians include Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, and even Carrie Underwood (our little secret). Willy’s Country Music Marathons would be incomplete without a flashy t-shirt supporting his unrequited love for his favorite artists.

Willy doesn’t care much for technology. “Too much learnin’ new kinda stuff I ain’t fixin’ to learn”, he says. Prior to pushing play on his cassette player, he removes the 1995 Official Nascar Southeastern Cup shirt from his torso for two reasons:

  1.  - It’s covered in slop.
  2.  - He’s excited to check out the latest College Bar Tee Club design of the month.


In Will’s eyes, huntin’, boozin’, and broadin’ (a term Willy coined that translates to “the act of courting women”) doesn’t quite compare receiving monthly t-shirt deliveries directly to his [mobile] home. Heavily inebriated by way of moonshine and chew, coupled with half-a-dozen tallboys of Coors, Whiskey Willy is about to open up his first box of retro bar t-shirts from College Bar Tee Club.

Tune into our upcoming blogs (and videos) to see what he has to say about our t-shirt of the month club - you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, check out http://collegebarteeclub to learn more about us and our t-shirt subscriptions.

We firmly feel that Willy will love our current selection, but we have some other new designs coming soon that will be right up his alley.