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College Bar Tee Special Blog: Meet The Unboxer Club

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Now that we are up and running with our new line of clothes, we needed to find some volunteers to help unveil our new t-shirts. But, we didn’t just want just Joe Schmo off of the streets.

Our goal was to find a diverse group of young, fashion-forward Americans to give their opinion about the designs of the month that we deliver to you.

After scouring the Fishtown (Philadelphia) and Williamsburg (NYC) sections of the internet for fictional characters to help us out, we finally found two candidates [that we made up] who were willing to take time out of their [not so] busy day to unbox our products provide feedback about our shirts.

Say Hello to Unboxers #1 and #2: Luna and Cale


(Cartoon Representation Image Sourced from the Online Interwebs)

Before we tell you what they said, let’s give you a bit of a backstory behind these two individuals. Luna and Cale are fraternal twins. They love quoting Charles Bukowski poems, discussing art history and living ironically.

Their style: These twins love representing American nostalgia by rocking clothes that can only be found at premium thrift stores. They spend multiple hours getting ready, but you’ll never know that due to their nonchalant, carefree facade. Their wardrobe is filled with tight-fitting flannels, retro t-shirts, scarves, skinny jeans and hats that stand out.

Things they will tell you:

  • ”My vinyl collection consists solely of first pressings and rare releases.”
  • “Obama was the best president ever.”
  • “I’m allergic to gluten, but I’ll make an exception for a Pabst Blue Ribbon or Tecate.”
  • “Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel and Death Cab for Cutie aren’t just bands; they’re a way of life.”

Things they’ll never admit:

  • "I was a free-market Republican until my friends started working at co-ops and riding fixies."
  • “My undersized corduroys are cutting off circulation to my feet.”
  • “I got this tattoo of a vintage 35mm camera and a traditional-style feather two years after it became cool.”
  • “I have no student loan debt thanks to my grandma's trust fund.”

Now that you know more about Luna and Cale, let’s delve into what they had to say when they laid their hands on College Bar Tee Club’s merchandise for the first time...


Silly us - we forgot to tell you exactly who we are and what we do. College Bar Tee Club is a t-shirt subscription service that offers members exclusive deals on high-quality, stylish t-shirts that appeal to all types of individuals. Our designs feature little-known dive bars and give off a vintage, casual feel. We are known for---

Crap… we are out of time. We have to get back to the design room, but don’t worry: Luna and Cale’s unboxing blog (and maybe video) will be coming soon to give you an inside look at our latest retro designs. We will also be introducing some new characters over the next few months who will be helping out too.

Feel free to send us feedback, suggestions, or ideas for upcoming content and t-shirt designs by emailing If we like your idea, there just may be some free shirts in it for you! ;)