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The 10 Biggest College Stadiums in the US

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American education institutions (specifically colleges) are one of the few business that continues to grow during a recession. Parents’ and teachers’ increasing emphasis on students getting a college degree (or multiple degrees) is prevalent in every state in the US. Although gaining work skills and valuable knowledge is paramount, there are also many other benefits to attending University. There are many options when it comes to picking a school. They all are known for different things From small private schools to enormous state schools; there are both pros and cons depending on your intentions.

Since College Bar Tee Club is doing BIG things, we will focus on the larger schools in this blog. Here is a list of the ten largest college football stadiums in America:

(Michigan Stadium)

  • Michigan Stadium - Ann Arbor, MI - Michigan Wolverines
    107,601 Capacity
  • Beaver Stadium - University Park, PA - Penn State Nittany Lions
    106,572 Capacity
  • Ohio Stadium - Columbus, OH - Ohio State Buckeyes
    104,944 Capacity
  • Kyle Field - College Station, TX - Texas A&M Aggies
    102,733 Capacity
  • Neyland Stadium - Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Volunteers
    102,455 Capacity
  • Tiger Stadium - Baton Rouge, LA - LSU Tigers
    102,321 Capacity
  • Bryant-Denny Stadium - Tuscaloosa, AL - Alabama Crimson Tide
    101,821 Capacity
  • Darrell K. Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium - Austin, TX - Texas Longhorns
    100,119 Capacity
  • 9. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Los Angeles, CA - USC Trojans
    93,607 Capacity
  • 10. Sanford Stadium - Athens, GA - Georgia Bulldogs
    92,746 Capacity


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